In Shop Labor Rates

Repair Labor at Shop

MINIMUM LABOR CHARGE IS $40.00 & Must Be Prepaid            


LABOR CHARGES - Does not include hardware or software

PC Repairs                                                                                                                     
Diagnosis - FREE if repair is authorized                                        $40.00             
Windows Installation - includes drivers & updates                    $150.00

Image hard drive for backup or replacement

Repair Windows, Update hardware drivers & Windows             $129.00
Save Data for backup, repair or reload                                  $59.00
Install Memory                                            $40.00
Install Hard Drive                                                             $40.00
Install Optical Drive                                                                   $40.00
Install Add-on Card & Drivers                                      $40.00
Replace Power Supply                           $49.00
Install Software (One Title)                                            $29.00
Software Removal (One Title)                                 $19.00
Replace Motherboard                                    $89.00
Replace CPU                                                     $40.00
Physical Cleaning of PC                                                  $19.00
Remove Viruses, Spyware & Optimize Computer            $129.00
NOTEBOOK REPAIRS                                                                                                 
Replace Notebook Keyboard                                                 $40.00
Replace Notebook Power Jack           $199.00
Replace Notebook Monitor                     $120.00

Physical clean out inside of Notebook(mainboard, CPU cooler, and
Video cooler). * See Notes.

Additional Labor                                                       $90.00/Per Hour

Required Info for repair:


User Name With Admin Privileges


Password w/ Admin Privileges

(*Notes:) We will include Inside cleaning for all repairs done on PC's
All listed notebook repairs include physical clean out of inside.
All prices are subject to change. Extra Cost May Occur on systems that
require removal of extra parts to get to repair area

All repairs have a 30 day Limited Warranty on Only the repairs that
were done.

Problems not related to the repairs performed are not covered.
Damage due to additional hardware added after the repair by
anyone other than True Tech Systems, Inc. is not covered.
Damage due to improper loading or removing of software is not covered.
Damage due to careless internet usage or not having up to date anti virus or
up to date to date anti spy ware installed and running is not covered.